..links for Kidz

Here is a list of links kids may find fun, useful & interesting. Some grown up’s may find fun also!!


Ask Kids ~ Search engine especially for kids
Funbrain ~ Engage the brain & have fun
National Geographic – Kids ~ Dare to Explore
Zoo Whiz ~ Great fun learning
Funology ~ The science of having fun
How Stuff Works ~ ..what would you like to find out??


Harring Kids ~ Great fun with Harring. Create your own Harring master piece!
The great Paper Chase ~ Build & create your own vehicle ..then race it in ‘the great paper chase’ ..Such good fun!
Crayola ~ Unwrap imagination
Cbeebies ~ Favourite fun & activities
Colouring Pages ~ Colouring Books for Kids

Fun stuff

Lego world ~ Have fun with lego’s vast amount of games & worlds.
(*hint* Littler ones seem to love Lego City (`’,)
Innocent Kids ~ Smoothies ..Innocent style! Innocent smoothies for kids site for kids of all ages with various activities to enjoy
Moshi Monsters ~ Monster Fun
Mr Men ~ & little Miss fun

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