OCOSC Aims, Vision and Mission Statement 


Parents and carers living or working within Oldbury Court and surrounding areas should have access to quality affordable childcare in the local community, regardless  of wealth, gender, ethnicity, belief or disability. The childcare should meet the children’s developmental, emotional, cultural, social and physical needs promote learning and is appropriate for each child’s individual circumstances.



The Oldbury Court Out of School’s Club (OCOSC’s) mission is to provide high quality, professional, stimulating, safe and low cost childcare to parents living or working in the local community. All care schemes are intended to be fully accessible, particularly to parents who are on low incomes such as single parents, students and disadvantaged families as well as those who have difficulty organising their working hours around more traditional child care sessions.


The key to OCOSC’s service provision is to provide a range of activities for children that meet their educational, cultural, social and physical needs in a secure, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.  Disadvantaged children are a key beneficiary group and the organisation is keen to support children who face difficulties as a result of this disadvantage, such as low self-esteem, social isolation or poor family backgrounds (therefore providing services, facilities and opportunities that they would not get elsewhere e.g. play opportunities, widening children’s spheres, educational games and equipment, sports facilities, outings etc. and widening (children’s spheres).


The OCOSC aims to safeguard and promote the welfare of children through its values that permeate all services, publicity and interactions with stakeholders as well as external people and agencies. The organisation endeavours to provide a service that supports parents in their parenting role, particularly parents facing additional difficulties, such as learning or problems with mental health within the family.




  •  Believes in delivering play activities that complement a child’s social, emotional, educational and intellectual growth.
  • Believes in promoting children’s self-esteem.
  • Believes in promoting equal opportunities and good practices, both in terms of the provision of services to the community, in its employment practices and its interaction with other stakeholders.
  • Believes in providing a frame work to support parents and families.
  • Believes in encouraging positive behaviour among children.
  • Believes that child care services should provide a safe and happy environment for all children.
  • Believes that child care services should be affordable.
  • Believes that parents should be involved in running child care

In line with parents requirements, the organisation is currently able to provide:
active icon Continuous support to children from age 4 to 14.
active icon A single point for collection/dropping-off family members of different ages and attending different schools.

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